Sinja lives happily as a nomad on the Tenebraes steppe when her entire tribe is wiped out by a horde of evil zjertas. She falls into the hands of slave traders and is sold to the cold, distanced, dragon rider Artyom, but things are very often different to how the facade may appear. 
Artyom treats her with warm respect, drawing her ever further under his spell, seducing the young girl with every trick in the book, and she finds she is also not averse to his sado-dominant tendencies, but fear and insecurity hold Sinja back, not allowing her to submit herself to him. 
Then there is also Artyoms unclear past, the laws of the ruler, and ever-present danger. An unexpected event shocks them both, and Artyom decides to send Sinja away. Will Sinja ever see her beloved master again to once more enjoy his sado-dominant games?

Taschenbuch 7,99 Euro (ISBN: 978-3-945076-51-4)